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Starting line

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Starting line

As a team, Gangway Media is only just starting but we’ve been around for many years, working in different cities, sometimes in different countries, filming, writing, editing, translating and doing many other things. It’s that trajectory that led us here and we’re happy to embrace everything we’ve done so far and show some of it here, as a taste of what’s to come.

For now, our portfolio shows a selection of the work that best represents what we can do. Obviously, for every project, there’s a lot that can’t be seen or shown but we trust that there’s no need to mention what we all know: that good work requires long hours, plenty of dedication and a sense of humour to make the process enjoyable.

In some cases the work speaks for itself, in others we provide a description of what we set out to do and what was achieved.

With Gangway Media our aim is to focus on our clients, and on the brands and projects they lead, helping them connect with their audiences by creating meaningful, relevant and exciting content that tells engaging stories. We have a streamlined core team that is strategically minded and we pull together the best people for each job: creative copywriters that can bring ideas to life, great photographers that understand the brief and will get the shot, experienced cameramen that know the ropes, editors that turn footage into captivating films and motion graphics animators that can make it all stand out.

We’d like to thank all the people we worked with so far, our clients, our colleagues and everyone who supported, believed and helped us along the way. Welcome to Gangway Media!