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Promos > ‘Alive’ first look

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Aleix Gelabert

Promos > ‘Alive’ first look

This is a short promo that showcases highlights from the shooting of the teaser for ‘Alive’, a feature documentary by Denis Delestrac and Jordi Esgleas, currently in pre-production. It’s not meant as a proper teaser trailer, it’s more of a promo that hints at what ‘Alive’ is about.

About the promo

We filmed with Spanish skipper Aleix Gelabert, who is upgrading this season to the IMOCA Open 60s and the Barcelona World Race after a long career in the Mini Class and a successful Mini Transat in 2011. All the footage was shot in one day using a high speed camera. There were a few challenges since the boat was harboured in Barcelona surrounded by bigger boats making it very difficult to get shots that made it look like we were in high seas facing rough weather.

About ‘Alive’

For most people being at sea with another person on a sailboat that demands attention every hour of the day, eating freeze-dried food, sleeping in shifts, saving every drop of fresh water, wearing cumbersome clothes, being too hot or too cold, with a relentless horizon of water ahead and sometimes above, day in, day out, for three consecutive months, through chilly storms and unremitting heat might seem like something out of a nightmare, not something to choose as a leisure activity or a sport.

But this is the nature of ocean racing, a sport that requires total commitment, endurance and resilience and where there are no time-outs, tea breaks, postponements because of bad weather or snazzy cocktails and gourmet dinners at the end of each day of play. And this is the subject of ‘Alive’, an immersive feature documentary by Denis Delestrac and Jordi Esgleas depicting what it takes and what it means to be at the start and finish lines of one of these races – the Barcelona World Race.

The film, currently in pre-production, will capture the sailors’ personal quest as they fulfil their dream to circumnavigate the globe on board a 60-foot sailboat. We are invited onboard as more than spectators, sharing the adventure, the bravery, the tenacity, and the passion it takes to overcome the hardships of this non-stop 25.000 nautical mile race and living life to the limit –  being truly alive!

‘Alive’ is a co-production by Bausan Films (Spain), Rappi Production (France), and Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion (Germany) with collaboration from the Barcelona World Race and Gangway Media.