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Life at the Extreme: ‘Hunting for Azzam’

Gangway Media / Life at the Extreme: ‘Hunting for Azzam’

Life at the Extreme: ‘Hunting for Azzam’

Jordi Esgleas was one of the editors for the Volvo Ocean Race TV series ‘Life at the Extreme’. For this particular show, Jordi and his team looked at over 350 hours of footage to do what they do for each episode: find the best images and tell the stories that make the race such a compelling competition.

‘Life at the Extreme’ is a weekly documentary series of 30’ programmes produced by Sunset + Vine which followed the seven teams competing in the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race for a period of 40 weeks. The production team was based in Alicante and headed by the company’s specialist sailing unit, Sunset+Vine|APP, with Leon Sefton, producer and François Gandolfi, director.

Client:Volvo Ocean Race / Sunset + Vine | APP

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December 1, 2014


Documentary, Home, Sailing