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Life at the Extreme: ‘End of watch’

Gangway Media / Life at the Extreme: ‘End of watch’

Life at the Extreme: ‘End of watch’

This video condenses 20 hours of documentary footage into a 4′ video and was included in the last episode of ‘Life at the Extreme’, a TV show that Jordi Esgleas co-edited for Sunset + Vine | APP and the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15. It’s an epilogue to the whole series and to the race itself.

In Jordi’s own words:

“The Volvo Ocean Race represents different things to different people. For some it’s a competition where the best sailors test their endurance in the most extreme conditions for others it’s a toned down around the world race with a strong commercial streak. For me, it’s an adventure.

I just finished my stint at the Volvo Ocean Race’s headquarters in Alicante editing the ‘Life at the Extreme’ TV programme – 22 out of 39 shows, almost 5 months of intense work where I got to witness, albeit remotely, what it means to be passionate, determined and relentless, as you put team above self and trust others with your life.

This video cuts through the headlines and the main stories of this race to be a tribute to all the men and women who got onboard their boats and spent nine months sailing around the world. I tried to capture their ups and downs, the stillness and the action that got them to the end and make them want to come back for more.”

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June 20, 2017


Documentary, Sailing