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First Look Video: Sunseeker 101

Gangway Media / First Look Video: Sunseeker 101

First Look Video: Sunseeker 101


Shot during the Cannes Yachting Festival this is a quick look at the Sunseeker 101 yacht as reviewed by Alex Smith. It’s part of the boats.com series, ‘First Look Videos’.

Gangway Media shot and edited 20 videos in English and German for boats.com’s editorial coverage of the Cannes Yachting Festival. At almost 98 feet, the Sunseeker 101 was the biggest boat of this assignment; the Quicksilver Activ 805 was one of the smallest.

Boats.com’s ‘First Look Videos’ are very quick video reviews, usually around one minute long, where one of the website’s reviewers talks us through the main features of a new launch.

The challenges here, apart from shooting under a relentless sun, came from the difficulties in moving around with a camera in the typically confined spaces that you get on a boat as well as hopping from boat to boat with the equipment trying to fit all the shooting needed for the 20 videos within a tricky two-day schedule. But the job was successfully done and no decks were scratched in the process!

Client: boats.com


September 30, 2014