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Audi MedCup 2011 End of Season Promo

Gangway Media / Audi MedCup 2011 End of Season Promo

Audi MedCup 2011 End of Season Promo

This video was edited as the 2011′s season wrap-up, condensing the best images of the five events in an exciting piece to be shown during the event’s final party in Barcelona and as a promo during the pre-season at PR events and sponsorship presentations.

The brief asked for passion, emotion and authenticity. It also asked for the video to reflect how close the competition was, the obstacles the teams faced and the fun aspects of the circuit, including the involvement of the fans in public activities.

It required long hours of sifting through tons of footage to find the sequences that fitted the brief without resorting to clichés. The result was a stunning video that captures the essence of a remarkable sailing season.

Commissioned by Sunset + Vine | APP for the Audi MedCup Circuit / 2011.

All the footage was provided by Sunset + Vine APP.

This video is intended for personal use and private viewing only and not for public exhibition or broadcast.

Client: Audi MedCup Circuit


September 20, 2011


Promo, Sailing