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‘Alive’ first look

Gangway Media / ‘Alive’ first look

‘Alive’ first look


‘Alive’ first look is a short promo that showcases highlights from the shooting of the teaser for ‘Alive’, a feature documentary by Denis Delestrac and Jordi Esgleas, that did not make it into production.

We filmed with Spanish skipper Aleix Gelabert, who at the time was upgrading to the IMOCA Open 60 class and the Barcelona World Race after a long career in the Mini Class and a successful Mini Transat in 2011. All the footage was shot in one day using a high speed camera. There were a few challenges since the boat was harboured in Barcelona surrounded by bigger boats making it very difficult to get shots that made it look like we were in high seas facing rough weather.


For more information about ‘Alive’ read our Blog.


August 5, 2014


Documentary, Promo, Sailing