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adidas Sailing

Gangway Media / adidas Sailing

adidas Sailing

Training day in Valencia and promo

For the first adidas Sailing video and photo shoot we gathered a small TV and photo crew in Valencia one day before the start of the final round of the 52 SuperSeries in September 2012.

The aim was to have the Audi ALL4ONE team sport the brand new adidas Sailing collection and document in photos and video what their training day was like. We wanted it to be as close to a normal day as possible so that the output looked authentic.

We had only that day to shoot and the wind just wouldn’t cooperate to give us the speed we were all looking for. However, everyone was committed, including the sailors, and we just hung in there until there was a good breeze and the team were able to sail their magnificent TP52. We got our footage (and our photos) with the help of some strategically placed on-board cameras and the invaluable help of a broom stick!

It wasn’t the perfect sailing day and we didn’t get to see all the manoeuvres we were hoping for, but in the end we were able to capture the mood of the day and with some smart editing, the video turned out great and was delivered on schedule, just in time for its début at METS 2012.

We also produced a 30” promo for the launch of the SS2013 collection.

Client: adidas Sailing


October 15, 2012


Documentary, Promo, Sailing