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[two_third]Throughout his 15-year career, Jordi Esgleas Marroi has worked on many different types of projects for TV stations, production companies and a series of brands, institutions and sporting events.  Besides this regular activity, where  he mostly worked as editor and cameraman, he also sought  projects that allowed him to convey a more personal vision. These included short and feature documentaries focusing on biographical stories, street art, voluntary work and music performances.

His first short film, ‘Luchando contra el viento’ was broadcast at the 2008 MIPCOM Content Market in Cannes. A few years later, his first feature documentary as a director, ‘Voluntaris, received an award for best social documentary of the year in the Catalan language. Meanwhile, he has been working on carefully chosen projects, both in Spain and abroad, that allow him to develop his skills in filmmaking and establish himself as a director. 

At the moment he is directing a documentary produced by French production and distribution house, Ecrans du Monde and is also involved in the pre-production of three other films, two of them as director.

Please see below a list of documentary and film projects where Jordi worked recently.



Voluntaris screen shotThis was Jordi’s first commission to direct a feature documentary. It’s a social documentary that depicts the life of thirteen individuals who dedicate some of their time to helping others. The film was broadcast by TV3 and was very well received, winning two important awards from Catalonian institutions.

Please email Jordi for the Vimeo password.

Directed by: Jordi Esgleas

Runtime: 59’

Year: 2012

Producer: Veranda TV, Grupo Godó, TV3, Fundació La Caixa, Institut Català de les Empreses Audiovisuals ICEC

Language: Catalan


Premi Civisme als Mitjans de Comunicació,  Generalitat de Cataluña

Premi del Consell de Benestar Social als Mitjans de Comunicació, Ayuntamiento de Barcelona.


Rumba Para Bebo

In March 2013, the Cuban pianist and composer Bebo Valdés died in Stockholm. A regular of the legendary Tropicana Club in Havana, Bebo won seven Grammy Awards throughout his life, which spanned almost a century, enjoying a revival towards the end of his career thanks to a series of collaborations with younger musicians, including his own son, Chucho Valdés.

Jordi edited this short film, which is a trailer for a concert film that is currently under production and that documents the Bebo Valdés tribute concert that took place at the Barcelona International Jazz Festival in October 2013.

Year: 2014

Producer: Les Films Jack Febus, Arte France, Barcelona International Jazz Festival, Comanche Music.


The Thin Line

Jordi edited this trailer whose aim is to introduce a film project to potential producers and distributors. The project, which is already being shot,  is an ambitious immersion feature documentary aiming to provide a wide panorama of the global street art movement with examples from France, Spain, Italy, U.S.A., Russia, Iran, South Africa, China, Canada, Iceland, Portugal, Belgium, Finland and Australia.

The film features a series of street artists from  different countries and backgrounds working and talking about their projects while taking a closer look at their motivations, freedom and constraints. In order to provide historical perspective,  the film also features curated archive footage of street art and artists.  

Year: 2013

Producer: EDM (France)


Que Mengem?

Jordi was responsible for the editing and postproduction in this social documentary that examines the food industry and the addictives, chemicals, heavy metals, antibiotics and other substances that find their way into our everyday meals.

The documentary was directed by journalists Montse Armengou and Ricard Belis, who also directed a series of award winning documentaries about Spain during Franco’s dictatorship.

Directed by: Montse Armengou and Ricard Belis

Runtime: 52’

Year: 2011

Producer: Televisión de Cataluña

Language: Catalan


Luchando contra el viento

This is Jordi’s documentary directorial debut. It’s a short historical film that was meant to be a trailer for a much longer film that finally didn’t make it into production. It depicts some key moments of the last 70 years through the life of Hélène Henry (1937), journalist and model, who grew up in one of France’s North African colonies and retired early to Formentera, Majorca. We learn about her extraordinary life from the difficulties of World War II to the couture shows she did for fashion houses such as Dior, Cacharel, and Paco Rabanne. We also get glimpses of other episodes in her life such as her friendship with Belgian pilot Jacky Ickx, the May 1968 events in France and her early retirement to Formentera.

Directed by: Jordi Esgleas

Runtime: 7’

Year: 2009

Producer: Zip Films

Language: Spanish


José María Aznar’s Unfinished Business

Jordi was online editor in this portrait of José María Aznar, Spain’s ex-prime minister from 1996 to 2004.  Aznar talks about his eight years in power and his journey from the heights of popularity in a booming economy, when he won an overall majority for the right in 2000, to the depths of popular discontent, over his support for the war in Iraq, his friendship with George Bush and his handling of the 2004 Madrid bombings, just before the elections, that marked a bitter end to his mandate. The film is also about his current, controversial role as an influential behind-the-scenes player in Spanish politics and his role in the international conservative scene.

Directed by: Justin Webster & Stephen Oliver

Runtime: 60’

Year: 2010

Producer: Sumpta Ayuso for JWP Productions

Language: Catalan, English


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