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[two_third]Jordi Esgleas Marroi has considerable know-how in multimedia projects for museums and exhibitions that seek to engage visitors in immersive experiences through the use of exciting video installations. He has been involved in a series of projects that include the Fernando Alonso Exhibition in Madrid, the CaixaLab Experience and the Barcelona World Race Interpretation Centre in Barcelona.


Fernado Alonso Collection

Fernando Alonso Exhibition

Jordi edited a series of videos for the Fernando Alonso exhibition, organized by the Fernando Alonso Foundation, Madrid’s Regional Government and Canal de Isabel II. The exhibition features cars, trophies and memorabilia covering Alonso’s career, as well as an interactive journey through Alonso’s life. The exhibition runs until May at the Centro de Exposiciones Arte Canal, in Madrid.

Some of the highlights of Jordi’s work for this project include the biographical videos compiling footage from Alonso’s childhood and ‘Start your engine’, an immersive 5’ video shown on a massive 13 x 3 metre screen that aims to reproduce the excitement of a F1 race.

Produced by: Mediapro Exhibitions


Please email Jordi if you would like more details about these films.


CaixaLab Experience
CaixaLab Exhibition
The Caixa Lab Experience is an exhibition that works as a laboratory of activities with an interactive, multimedia workshop hosted at CaixaForum in Barcelona and whose aim is to encourage young people to learn about entrepreneurialism.

Jordi edited and worked on the post-production of the videos included in the educational installations.

Produced by: Mediapro Exhibitions



Barcelona World Race Interpretation Centre
BWR interpretation centre
The Barcelona World Race Interpretation Centre is an exhibition centre located in Barcelona that is currently hosting the Ocean Sailing Exhibition. This initiative aims to become a benchmark in the field of ocean navigation by featuring multimedia and interactive resources as well as state-of-the-art technology giving audiences a taste of the race itself but also focusing on key areas such as the environment, sustainable construction processes, recycling and striving to work towards clean seas.

Jordi worked as the Centre’s senior audiovisual designer and editor leading a team that edited around 250 short videos displayed in the exhibition. These are a compendium of offshore sailing, illustrating and explaining the race itself, the history of sailing, the climate, the relationship between man and nature, as well as boat design and building.


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