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What we do


We are a content production company that provides brands, companies, event organisers and teams with creative ways to tell their stories and engage with their audiences.
Video, photography, animation, and written words crafted to connect with people.
Let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

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We work with brands, companies, event organisers and teams to produce unique films and documentaries that are engaging and entertaining. We know how to tell inspiring and powerful stories that people like to share and talk about.


We’re experts in content strategy, production and distribution. We can offer practical advice and guidance on your media and communication projects helping you find the best way to reach and connect with your audience.


We dedicate time and effort to get to know our clients and their businesses, to learn about the brands and projects they trust us with, understand their market and their customers and find the most creative way to tell the stories that matter, in a simple, clear and engaging way.


We can find the best photographers and the best locations to ensure you get the photos that really suit your needs. We’ll sort out every logistic and creative aspect of the shoot to fit the brief and to suit your budget.


We can add some magic to the videos we shoot or to footage you already have: We’ll edit your raw footage into a compelling story, create motion graphics and animation to highlight your message and do colour grading that will tweak or transform to convey the right mood for your story.


There are many ways to get your content out there, where people can see it, read it, act on it and share it. We can help with this too: from PR and media relations to social media and advertising, we’ll find the best way to reach your audience.


Who we are


We craft content and strategies that impress and engage. We pull together the best talent and put in as much hard work as necessary to make sure we deliver inspiring content and stories that truly connect with audiences and help foster long-term relationships.

Freightened Jordi Esgleas Marroi Manhattan



Jordi Esgleas Marroi is a filmmaker based in Barcelona.
About what is important and unique in his approach to filmmaking, Jordi explains:
“I focus on the original concept and the story that needs to be told – there should always be a narrative thread uniting every frame. At the same time and during filming and in post-production, I seek and combine the visual tools that perfectly capture the essence of the story. I like the outcome to be beautiful and inspiring and I think I often achieve that!”



Maria José Lemos is an economist specialised in marketing, communication and content production currently based in London.
Maria’s approach to work is very straightforward: “I like to do a good job, I take pleasure in providing a good service and knowing that my clients see me as a partner, I always focus on earning their trust. Each project I work on I see it as a step in fostering long term relationships -you can only do that if you work hard and deliver results. I always find it surprising that so many people put so much effort into gaining new business and fail to properly look after their existing clients.”



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